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Sunday 07 Oct 2018

Castro Street Fair: A legacy of love & craziness

Sunday 07 Oct 2018
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Castro Street Fair
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The Castro
The Castro Street Fair is coming and it’s time to get your costumes out! San Francisco is always a bit weird, but if there was ever a neighborhood to let your freak flag fly, it’s this one. Get dressed up for this giant costume party and come celebrate with stages of living entertainment, art, food, performances and live DJs. The Castro Street Fair was originally started by the late gay rights activist Harvey Milk in 1974. At the time businesses in the neighborhood were not super keen on queers in their neighborhood...until the first Castro Street Fair, when they realized they made more money on that one day than any other day in the year and decided maybe these new people weren’t so bad after all. It was a long and often painful journey but the Castro is now one of the most infamous gayborhoods in the world. Grab hostel friends to go celebrate as a group! Photo courtesy of via   
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