Back to Hostel Dolores Park Hangout & Soccer Playing

Thursday 14 Dec 2017

Dolores Park Hangout & Soccer Playing

Thursday 14 Dec 2017
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Hostel common room
Dolores Park is one of our favorite places in San Francisco for many reasons. We often end up there on a weekend with about 10,000 other people for picnics, day drinking, and socializing. Dolores has a special appeal on a weekday though, as it’s far less crowded. Which means not only can you chill wherever you want, you have room to actually play! While the top half of the park offers wonderful views of the entire city, the flat bottom half is perfect for playing soccer, frisbee, and other games. Even doing yoga! So join us this week for some hang out time at our favorite place and some soccer & sports action while we’re there. Meet Steve at the hostel at 10:30am to head out together.
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