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group of people on a walking tour in the city
Sunday 28 Apr 2019

Free DAILY Wild SF Walking Tour in Downtown

21 April, 2019
Meeting time: 
Meeting Place: 
Union Square
Union Square
San Francisco, CA 94108
Sure, you can walk all around the city on your own and probably see some cool things, but you’ll never really know the stories behind what you are seeing. Even if you did, you may not know some of the most interesting and real facts. Which is where Wild SF Walking Tours comes in. This local and thriving small business brings San Francisco alive for visitors and locals alike. They do several different neighborhood tours, but their daily Free And All You Need tour is like the perfect appetizer. It could fill you up, and leave you satisfied, but it’s so good it may even leave you wanting more! The tour goes over all kinds of history with fun and engaging stories, plus it was designed with backpackers and solo travelers in mind. Which means you’ll also get lots of useful tips on things like transit, fun bars, and cheap eats, all while making new friends. It’s on a pay-what-you-wish basis, but don’t be cheap and be sure to give these hard working guides something reasonable for the amazing experience they will give you. We suggest at least $10 (most tours like this would cost $40+ if paid). Grab some friends at the hostel at to head out as a group, or meet at Union Square at 10am to join the tour! No sign up needed. Look for the yellow flag. **This tour happens DAILY!**  
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28 April, 2019
05 May, 2019
12 May, 2019