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Wednesday 23 Jan 2019

Free Entry: Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park

16 January, 2019
Meeting time: 
Meeting Place: 
Japanese Tea Garden
75 Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr
San Francisco,  California  94118
United States
  We love finding freebies, and we love sharing them with our guests even more. It’s a not very well known fact that the gorgeous Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park is actually free if you arrive before 10am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It may mean waking up a little earlier than you’re used to on holiday, but it’s well worth it when you get to spend the rest of the day strolling through beautiful nature and culture right in the middle of the city. Golden Gate Park is one of San Francisco’s famous parks for good reason- it’s massive, taking up half the city, and is filled with a wide array of activities and places to check out. The Tea Garden is just one of them so have fun walking or biking around after you enjoy the gardens. Meet at the hostel at 9am to head out.   
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23 January, 2019
30 January, 2019
06 February, 2019
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