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Saturday 23 Feb 2019

San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade

Saturday 23 Feb 2019
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Hostel common room
  One of the most iconic annual San Francisco traditions, the Chinese New Year Parade, happens right outside our door every year! Hundreds of people participate yearly in lavish costumes, giant artistic floats, endless music and more. Including a spectacular 288' Golden Dragon ("Gum Lung"), which takes an entire team of 180 men and women who are a part of the martial arts group, White Crane, to carry it down the streets.  If you want an up close view you only need to go a few steps outside the hostel. The parade goes straight down Kearny St., which makes up our corner with Sacramento St. You can’t get much better of a view, but be sure to go outside early as quite the crowd forms! Join the group in the hostel at 6pm to watch together and celebrate the Year of the Dog.   
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