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steps of san francisco public library
Wednesday 23 Jan 2019

Weekly $1 Book Sale Every Wednesday

09 January, 2019
Meeting time: 
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SF Main Library, Larkin Street Entrance, 100 Larkin St, SF
Are you a total bookworm? Love reading but hate spending lots of money on books? Wish you had an easy and cheap way to swap out your travel reading? The San Francisco Public Library has you covered! No, not with a loaner, but with books you can buy for only ONE dollar! That's right, for just a buck or less you can get books or media to satisfy your creative cravings, fantasy imagination, or curious mind. The SF Public Library hosts weekly Wednesday Step Sales, located at the Larkin Street entrance to the Main Library. You save a lot of dough and all proceeds benefit the San Francisco Public Library. Note that Step Sales are canceled in case of rain. Pic credit: Friends of the San Francisco Public Library
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23 January, 2019
30 January, 2019
06 February, 2019
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