Getting to Pacific Tradewinds Hostel from Amtrak


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The Amtrak train station is in Emeryville, which is located across the bay from San Francisco.   Fortunately, when you buy an Amtrak ticket to San Francisco an Amtrak Thruway Bus will meet you at the train station to take you across the Bay Bridge and the rest of the way to San Francisco.    Depending on which bus you are on, there are a couple of stations to choose from when you arrive in San Francisco.   Most guests get off the Amtrak Thruway Bus at the San Francisco Ferry Terminal.   

Amtrak Thruway Bus - credit: wikipedia

The Ferry Building is the building with the clock tower that's located near the Bay Bridge. (You frequently see this building in movies about San Francisco).   If you choose to get off the bus here here's what you want to do to get to the hostel.  Go outside and look across the street toward the tall buildings. Find the building that looks the tallest from that vantage point.  That’s Embarcadero Building #4.  Buildings #1, 2 and 3 look similar.  Aim your walk to get to the left side of Embarcadero Building #4. Walk across the Embarcadero waterfront road to Justin Herman Plaza.   There is a narrow promenade with eating places to the left of the Embarcadero Building.   Sacramento Street starts just after the promenade.   Walk on Sacramento Street six blocks until you get to building number 680 on the right. On some Amtrak Thruway Bus services, you can also get off a stop earlier, at California and Drumm.  This will make your walk to the hostel slightly shorter.   Walk West along California (follow the cable car tracks) until you get to Montgomery Street (5 blocks), then turn right and walk North on Montgomery Street for one block and turn left onto Sacramento Street. We're on the right hand side, at 680.   Look for our blue security gate.  

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