Back to Hostel Annual Corgi Con at Ocean Beach

Saturday 13 Oct 2018

Annual Corgi Con at Ocean Beach

Saturday 13 Oct 2018
Meeting time: 
10am- 2pm
Meeting Place: 
Ocean Beach, btw Stairwell 2 and 5 – closer to Cliff House
San Francisco is known for the weird, the wacky, and the just plain silly. Sometimes it’s a mix of everything, or just makes your heart melt. However you label it, the yearly Corgi Con is awesome. What is a Corgi Con? It’s when hundreds of adorable Corgi dogs come together for races, challenge courses, costume contests, and anything else that looks ridiculously cute on a fat dog with short legs. It takes place on the beach, and rarely do you see anything happier than a dog playing on a beach, so be prepared to smile in all the ways. If you happen to be traveling with a Corgi, be sure to join in, otherwise join us to go check out the fun. Pic courtesy of