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Saturday 20 Jan 2018

Bike Golden Gate Park

Saturday 20 Jan 2018
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Hostel common room
Golden Gate Park isn’t just another green space in San Francisco (although it does have over 200!) It’s an iconic and huge part of the city. It stretches 3 miles which can make it hard to see it all, though it’s not a bad challenge to try. If you want to check it out with a little less pressure, join us for biking this beautiful area. We’ll be grabbing bikes for $15 at the park and cruising all around it’s beautiful nature and sights. Definitely don’t forget your camera, or get mixed up- Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park are NOT actually next to each other! Both are worth trips in their own right, so be sure to join us. Meet Rayan in the hostel at 11am to depart as a group.
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