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Friday 07 Dec 2018

First Fridays in Oakland: Culture, Vibes, Music & More

Friday 07 Dec 2018
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Telegraph Avenue in Oakland
San Francisco may have pulled your attention to come visit from across the country or across the world, but a visit to the Bay would not be complete without checking out Oakland. Located just across the water from us, even closer than some parts of SF, Oakland is a thriving city with a culture and vibe all its own. One of the best ways you can experience this is through “First Fridays”, happening the first Friday of every month. First Fridays is an incredibly vibrant and immersive experience that combines multiple types of art, live music, local food, performers, artists, and more. It takes place from 5pm-9:30pm on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland’s KONO district. Get ready to be inspired! Meet Rayan in the hostel at 5pm to head out as a group.  Photo credit: @oaklandfirstfridaysofficial Instagram   
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