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Sunday 30 Sep 2018

Folsom Street Fair: Famous Fetish and Kink Festival

Sunday 30 Sep 2018
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Folsom Street Fair
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Folsom St. between 8th & 13th St.s
There are a multitude of things that scream ‘San Francisco’ and we often overhear guests say “Only in SF” with a smile on their face. Or sometimes it’s bewilderment. This weekend will probably be both! Get ready for the world’s largest BDSM, leather, kink, & fetish festival as the Folsom Street Fair returns for its 35th year. A massive event of 400,00 people, it provides an opportunity for all those in the leather community to connect & celebrate, and those who are interested pique their curiosity. You will see just about everything at Folsom...bondage demonstrations, EDM dancing, and of course a ton of nudity. (Nudity was legal in SF until just a few years ago, but ‘private’ events still allow it.) There’s no shame at Folsom to let your freak flag fly, so come check it out. Photo courtesy of  
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