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Monday 18 Mar 2019

Game Developers Conference (GDC) & Accommodation in San Francisco

Monday 18 Mar 2019
Meeting time: 
All week March 18th-22nd
Meeting Place: 
Moscone Center
  The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is more than just a way to prove to your parents that you have a legitimate career. GDC is the world's largest professional game industry event, and it happens every year in the heart of San Francisco. GDC regularly has over 26,000 people attend the events, including programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, business decision-makers, and really anyone who is involved, interested in, or curious about becoming a part of developing interactive games and virtual reality. Ideas are exchanged, dreams are encouraged, and the future of the industry is progressed. With over 500 events including lectures, panels, tutorials, round-table discussions, and more on a huge selection of topics from industry experts, you would be crazy to miss this. You can learn about new dev tools, the best platforms, and innovative services to the gaming industry. If you are a ready for a little competition, the annual Independent Games Festival- the longest-running and largest worldwide- will be held again with Game Developers Choice Awards for the taking. Being the the premier accolade for peer-recognition in the digital games industry, it’s worth coming prepared with all you’ve got. Wondering where to stay for GDC? At Pacific Tradewinds Hostel of course! Not only are we in a great location for your stay- the conference is held at the Moscone Center, which is only a short ride or 20 minute walk from the hostel, but we also host many GDC goers every year which means you’ll get the chance to connect and make friends before it even starts. Public transit is all around us if you need to get to a different part of town, and tons of food options if you are running tight on time. Finally, while we love to go out and enjoy drinks and a good time, we are not a party hostel which means quiet hours are respected. When you are done having fun for the night, come back to the hostel assured you will get a good night’s sleep in your dorm and be fresh for your next day at GDC. For an extra bonus, use the promocode GDC2018 for $5  We look forward to seeing you in March! Picture courtesy of Note: We currently book reservations 90 days in advance. For GDC accommodation, please check back mid December if you don't see availability yet. We promise we have room for you! :)  
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