Back to Hostel Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Free Music Festival- All weekend!

Friday 05 Oct 2018

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Free Music Festival- All weekend!

Friday 05 Oct 2018
Meeting time: 
Hosted by: 
Warren Hellman
Meeting Place: 
Hostel common room
There are dozens festivals in San Francisco, from arts to music to food and more. They all have their highlights but there is nothing quite like Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. Between its size,  number of stages and bands, and variety of music it would stand out alone, but the real incredible thing is that it's absolutely FREE. Pretty unheard of but true! Founded by the giant-hearted SF philanthropist Warren Hellman, HSB is something dreams are made of. As the SF Chronicle said, "This is the great gift of Warren Hellman, the one and only, to not only the City of San Francisco, but the world of music." The festival has over 100 acts spread across 7 stages, and SF Gate has said "Things You Must Do In The Bay Area Before You Die: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass". It stretches over an entire weekend, and it's also held in October, which unbeknowst to non-SF residents is the warmest time of year! The weather is often perfect, with the sun (almost) always shining and little fog. So join the hostel crew and some new hostel friends, and head to the park for this amazing weekend of free music and arts. More info can be found here: Photo courtesy HSB website