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Friday 22 Feb 2019

The Legendary SF Beer Olympics: Every Friday night

22 February, 2019
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Horizon Bar - 490 Broadway St, near the corner of Kearny St & Broadway
490 Broadway St
San Francisco, CA 94133
Since many of you are either on a break from school or taking some time off, we want to make sure you still get a good education. And nothing is more crucial to a well-rounded US collegiate education as mastering beer pong, flip cup, and other drinking games. So come meet other travelers, locals, and embrace our culture at the weekly Friday night Beer Olympics. Even your mom would be happy. It's free to play, and entry is also free with a $5 drink ticket purchase at the door. Which, duh, you kind of need beer to play beer pong, but it's the cheapest beer in SF! The drink specials are 5 beers or cups of wine for just $10 before 9:20pm. After that it's 5 for $15 from 9:20-9:40pm, and after that 5 for $20. So get there early for the best deals. Also ladies who RSVP at get free vodka drinks. Yeaaah! There are also prizes to be one, and the host bar, Horizon, is just up the road from the hostel...which means luckily it’s crawling distance home ;) So really there's no reason to not go check it out. If you're flying solo you'll make new friends right away so you have nothing to lose. Have fun!  TIME: Signup at 9PM - Be sure to arrive by 9:30PM to play in the games!Weekly event info & photos:
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22 February, 2019
01 March, 2019
08 March, 2019