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Saturday 27 Apr 2019

TreasureFest: Flea Market, Vendors, Music, Food Trucks, Booze & More

23 February, 2019
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Treasure Island
Come check out over 400 curated vendors, 25 food trucks, pop-up bars, live music, workshops, community DIY events, and tons more. Formerly called the Treasure Island Flea Market, TreasureFest is one of these events where the previous name didn’t even come close to doing it justice. It's much more than just a flea market!With such an incredible event, we’re so lucky we have it 11 times per year!  A whopping 15,000+ people come out the last weekend of every month (excluding December) to check out originally designed & made items from various artists, hunt for antiques from vintage collectors, taste seasonal food, cocktails, wines, & brews, and generally experience one of the coolest Bay Area events we have. It’s also located on beautiful Treasure Island, in between SF and Easy Bay, giving visitors a special view of the city. Admission is only $3, and you can easily take public transit to get there. If you feel like driving instead, parking is FREE! Now there’s something pretty unheard of and worth celebrating. That 25 bucks you save may guide you right to the perfect gift to take home from the market...or buy you just a few more craft microbrews. :) This event happens on the last weekend of every month. Saturday & Sunday 10am-4pm.  Current info (and deals!) can always be found on their website: And their Instagram will have you wishing for the end of the month right now! Photo courtesy of
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27 April, 2019
25 May, 2019
29 June, 2019