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Sea lions lounge at the wharf near Pier 39 in San Francisco
Friday 14 Dec 2018

Walking Tour of Fisherman's Wharf/Ferry Building

Friday 14 Dec 2018
Meeting time: 
Meeting Place: 
Hostel common room
There’s a lot of cool stuff to do in San Francisco, but sometimes you just have to do the “touristy” stuff. Especially when there's a good reason that it’s so popular with visitors. Fisherman’s Wharf may have lots of your typical souvenir shops and seafood restaurants, but it also has some real treats, too. You can check out the resident sea lions, which are easy to find...just follow your ears to their playful noises, or maybe your nose - they don’t always smell the best, but they are damn cute! If you get bored of the souvenir shops, duck into Musee Mecanique. It’s an entire museum of old arcade machines that you can actually play. Some of them go back nearly 100 years. There are often street performers and artists around the area as well. Meet us in the hostel common room at 11 a.m. for a walking tour of Fisherman's Wharf, also known as Pier 39. We will also check out the historic Ferry Building, which is a 25 minute walk from the Pier. Make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes!